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Here at Tranquil Body in Charleston, SC, every massage treatment is customized to meet your current needs and expectations. Variations of pressure and massage techniques are used to be optimally effective and relaxing to the body.  We use heat therapy with hot towels as well as anti-inflammatory muscle rubs to loosen muscles, reduce pain, and speed recovery time. Aromatherapy may also be used during your massage session to induce stress relief and relaxation, or to invigorate the body and open the sinuses.  With regular massage, your quality of life will continually improve.

  • 45 minute massage- $80

  • 60 minute massage- $100

  • 75 minute massage- $120

  • 90 minute- $140

Massage Charleston, SC
Massage Therapy is known to:

  • Diminish pain and improve mobility.

  • Reduce stress, making you less vulnerable to disease.

  • Increase blood and lymph circulation, maintaining healthy cells and tissues.

  • Reduce blood pressure and inflammation, keeping your  heart and vascular system healthy.

  • Improve digestion, assisting with metabolism and nutrient  absorption.

  • Diminish anxiety and depression, resulting in a happier life and healthier relationships.

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